mau-jo VGA extenders are perfect for digital signage and corporate VGA connectivity applications. mau-jo is at the leading edge result of 11 years of development with tens of thousands of installed systems.


mau-jo is the modern HD equivalent of the old Duplicat VGA system with numerous enhancements to be even easier to install, to give sharper HD pictures, to eliminate image shifts, to be significantly more reliable. mau-jo products are still designed inhouse, made in Britain and are now all delivered in robust shielded aluminium enclosures. 


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The product range is in place and being widened as we speak. 1000's of mau-jo units are out there already. Reliability has been phenomenal. 



new Floorplate or wallplate mounted VGA connectivity

for connecting laptops etc to remote screens through a floorplate/wallplate interface

 Point-to-point VGA connectivity

for sending a single VGA source to a single screen via cat.5/6 cable

one source-to-many screens VGA connectivity

for sending a single VGA source t omany screens via cat.5/6 cable