mauve-DS: MauveCom Digital Signage

for 1-source-to-many-screen systems

MDSDA-0104-IR small

  • HDMI-in, 4 x cat.5/6 outputs
  • 0-100m cat.6 cable
  • supports reverse IR
  • miniature receive units
  • HDCP compatible
  • low cost


available now - download mauve-DS 0104 brochure.pdf


now with RS232-enabled version

the latest generation of HDMI extender - no power needed at the display


MLHD system 1 1



  • Up to 4K resolution
  • No need for psu at the dispaly end
  • 0-100m cat.6 cable
  • supports ethernet and 2-way IR
  • single cat.5e/6 operation
  • miniature receive units
  • HDCP compatible
  • made in Britain

 MLHDtxrxlo    UKlo

available now.



non-RS232 version MauveLink-HD brochure.pdf

RS232-enabled version mlhd232.pdf

Mauve-DS   MDS-2U-19

A neat and modular 19" rack mount solution for sending many HDMI/DVI signals via cat.6 cable


  • 19" 2U frame with up to 12 HDMI transmitters
  • incudes up to 3 high power IEC PSUs
  • transmitters and PSUs can be installed on-site without special tools or training
  • pixel perfect zero latency AV performance to 1920 x 1200 at 100 metres





    IMG 4775     up to 12 Tx units can be installed in the 2U frame with blanking plates to suit


available now - download mauve-DS MDS-2U-19 brochure.pdf

Our best-selling mau-jo has been shrunk...


...introducing the ultra-compact Tu-1 VGA transmit interface 


Tu-1 many


  • same robust engineering as the top-selling T-1 range

  • massively reduced footprint

  • reduced cost

  • still made in the UK


tu-1 system



available now -  download pdf datasheet here

the pinnacle in VGA receiver design has arrived...


...introducing the RAM-300S.


RAM-300S close crop


The RAM-300S is a premium specification VGA receive interface for applications where only the best will do. In practice, using HD signals, The RAM-300S delivers video results which challenge HDMI or DVI but can be delivered on up to 300m of cableā€”i.e. well in excess of what is currently achieved digitally.

Skew correction removes the differential colour delay  which can be very noticeable when using long lengths of cat.6 and even cat.5e cable.

The RAM-300S is the premium receive interface in the well-proven and reliable mau-jo range. Despite its many strengths and features, the RAM-300S range is priced attractively against alternatives.



available now -  download pdf datasheet here

Stonehenge visitor Centre selects MauveCom

MauveCom is very pleased to be associated with the excellent and "probably-award-winning"StoneHenge Visitor Centre


MauveCom VGA floorplate simplies boardroom design

New VGA floorplate adapter simplies boardroom design